Connected Device Location Wrong

I recently installed a MAX HD2 on board the yacht I work for and am having issues with the location services of connected devices. The installation was done while in Newport, RI and now no matter where the boat is, all connected devices think they are still located in Newport(Google Maps, Facebook, etc). This is also causing issues locally with our Plex system.

Another anomaly; when logging into InControl2 it shows that the HD2 is right in the middle of Central Park, NYC.

What could be the cause of this and how can it be corrected to properly updated the location based on the prioritized WAN connection be in Cell or Wifi and relay that information to the connected devices?

Device location is based on GPS fix at a device level or manually configured address in the InControl2 cloud.
You can either go and change the address by editing the device in IC2 or by getting the GPS connected on the device.

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Martin, thank you for the quick reply!

Even if I manually update the location of HD2 itself, it still doesn’t help the connected devices(cellphones/laptops/etc). The HD2 location isn’t as important and I’m not able to run a GPS antenna to a suitable location (steel hulled boat).

Oddly enough, nothing within the HD2 itself seems to think that it is Newport(where the device was installed). Could it just be related to the SIM cards having been installed at that location?

I assumed the location would update via the cell towers in the same way a cellphone does. Not having to use GPS. This was how it works on our much older Peplink system that was recently removed.

Are you using the same SIM cards as you used in the older Pepwave?
Are you using SpeedFusion (or any other VPN)?

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Same SIM card and no VPN/Speedfusion. Everything is local to the boat.


Just remember the the GPS data shown on the device and InControl2 have no influence on telling the rest of the internet where you physically are, this is purely for your own monitoring of the device.

Locational data on cellular connections can be funky. Regularly, the provider will “break out” your access to the internet from a different city to where you are physically located. Example is with SFR in France, it doesn’t matter where the user is located in France or even roaming anywhere in the world, the traffic still breaks out to the internet from Paris showing the sites that are accessed on the internet that that device is in Paris

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