Connect WiFI WAN to WiFi connections with Captive Portal

Good day,

We do multiple events with our Peplink Max Transit Duos, and one issue we have come across is not being able to insert login details to a captive portal at a venue, and they do not have a WPA connection that we are permitted to use.

Could you please add the ability to login to WiFI connections with Captive Portals so that the units can be used in more areas.

Kindest regards,
Colin Meyer

This is possible today.
Trick is to :

  1. disable health check on the wifi WAN on the transit.
  2. Then connect to the wifi network,
  3. then try and access the internet using a device on the LAN of the transit,
  4. then login to captive portal when it pops up.
  5. Then enable health check again if you want to detect outages on that wifi connection

Can’t you do it also using the WAN gateway feature?


An interesting idea. Perhaps, but since that is only visible in InControl (I think) and the transit might not have an internet connection I’m not sure it would work?

As an aside, I hardly ever see that WAN gateway icon now - don’t know what conditions it does and doesn’t show? Maybe @WeiMing might know when its visible?

Works perfectly from the local interface :wink:
Not sure if it appears for the Wifi as WAN though…

Good to know! I just never see it… don’t know why.

Hi All,

Thank you for your responses.

I will try both of your suggestions, Martin and Venn when the teams are out on location, hopefully we will be able to get this to work, and I will report back as soon as I have been able to test it.

OK, so I have an event today, where they are unable to login to the wifi that they need to, as there is no WAN Gateway option, and due to them using the Cellular to get internet, it is not bringing up the capture portal.

Are there any other solutions, other than an proper option to access capture portals, that we can do?

Do the following:

  1. Login to the device
  2. set an outbound policy for destination enforced via Wifi WAN
  3. Make sure wifi wan and cellular are both in Priority 1. Wifi WAN should show red.
  4. On a device connected to the router access in a browser
  5. Then when the wifi wan captive portal comes up fill it out.
  6. Wifi WAN should then show green in the dashboard.