Connect to Wi-Fi networks


I just got my pepwave peplink Max br1 MK2 connected to my Puma 221 antenna with a Wi-Fi connection to the back of the router and I’d like to know how I use my setup to connect to Wifi network… I’m successfully connected to the LTE network, however… I’m not the greatest in tech…

Hello? Need help with this

Hi James,
you’re asking how to connect your notebook to the WiFi of your MK2, right?

No – actually, I want to use my ethernet connection on my laptop to access the internet.

I want the puma antenna to PICK UP a Wi-Fi signal so that I can connect to that network via a hardwire connection. I thought this was possible – otherwise, I don’t understand what the point of two wi-fi antennas are in the Puma 221 antenna I have installed and hooked up.

Its called WiFI WAN. Login to your BR1 web interface on the dashboard you’ll see WIFI WAN. Drag it to Priority 1 click on Wireless Networks and pick the network you want it to connect to.

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