Connect to bridged modem's GUI from behind Balance 210

Hi - Apologies for being a networking novice, but I just installed a Balance 210 with 3 WAN connections.

Two of the internet sources have web GUI controls, however, I am unable to reach them from the LAN. I am able to reach them if I plug directly into the model with a static id on the modems subnet.

For example, my Peplink LAN is on The modem has an IP of, but that is inaccessible from the LAN.

I have read a number of forums mentioning static routes alone are not able to make the connection and that a second interface needs to be added to the WAN (I understand that last bit only very loosely). Aside from not understanding what the needed configuration is, I also do not see how I would make those additional configs to the WAN. I also tried SSHing into the CLI, but the only documentation I found seemed to have limited operations available.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi Allan. There are a couple of ways to do this. You want to ensure that your packets destined for your cable modem go “down the right pipe.” Here’s an example from one of our installations. The cable modem is at and is on WAN1 of a B210. Here’s what the outbound policy looks like:
One note – which may be important: A local/LAN subnet of can be risky because many, many cable modems use Years ago we had to change a subnet (not fun) when the user wanted to install a cable modem for one of their WANs.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your response. I tried the above, but it does not seem to be working. Are there any other settings on the WAN or static routes that would be needed?

Also, thanks for your advice regarding… I will plan to switch off of that.

Thanks again for your help!

Hmmm. Well, we’ve used that approach in a myriad of locations. Can you confirm the IP address if the “LAN side” of your cable modem(s) [if that’s what they are], the address of your router and the address of the computer from which you are attempting the connection? Also, are the devices you refer to as “internet sources” cable modems (and if not …) and are they the same or different (… hopefully the latter)?

Hi Risk,

It is a cellular modem/router (Cradlepoint E300) set to IP Passthrough/Bridge mode. I just double checked and the LAN side of the modem is I have a laptop with an assigned static IP of plugged into the second LAN port of the modem and I can navigate (via a browser) to and get to the modems GUI. When I try to do the same from the Peplink LAN, it times out.

The following is the comment to which I was referring. How many WANs in use?

I have three WANs in total. One is Starlink, one is DSL and then the Cradlepoint/cellular. The DSL modem is also in bridge mode and has a GUI, but it uses a different set of IPs on its LAN.

OK … back to my questions … Can you tell me the IP addresses of each of the WAN devices, the router’s address and the address of the computer you are using?

WAN1/Starlink: Local LAN GUI IP: Unknown
WAN2/Centurylink DSL: Local LAN GUI IP:
WAN3/Cradlepoint/Cellular: Local LAN GUI IP:

Do you need the external IPs for the WANs too?

Please … once again … tell me the IP address of the router and the address of the computer from which you are trying to connect.

No, the public-facing addresses are not needed for this exercise.

Apologies… I was focused on the public IP of the WANs and completely forgot your last question. The Balance 210 Router/LAN is and the computer I am using is Thanks for your help!

Just as a follow up (after more internet searching) it seems like I need to add a second IP in the modem’s subnet to each of the WANs. So for example for WAN3 add a second IP of, so that then it would also be a member of the Cradlepoint’s subnet and “see” other IPs on that LAN. Is this possible on the Balance 210. I tried adding IPs in the WAN configuration page, but those seem like they relate to the public IPs (and it did not work).

Thanks again for your help!