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I was using PepWave as a wireless hot spot in my RV. Verizon change their programming on my phone so that I cannot use PDA Net to set up a wireless connection. I can use my phone as a tether for one laptop at a time. Is there a way to tether my Verizon phone to PepWave to create a wireless signal? As stated above I’m using PDA Net to connect. Is there another app that would connect with PepWave?

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Hi JD, we do support USB tethering on Android phones as long as it is activated on your line of service.

You could also check out the FoxFi app and see if it would work on your phone, then use the Pepwave to connect and rebroadcast the Wi-Fi.

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get the nexus 4, pure android verizon can’t control that phone. You can tether and it will appear as data from the phone only. I have the nexus 4 on tmobile and PDA Net works fine.

I’m using a Galaxy s4 Active with an unlimited data plan from AT&T that does not include tethering. I am able to USB tether using foxfi & PDAnet. I would like to be able to USB connect to Surf on the Go and create a “cloaked” hotspot.

We only support USB tethering when it is active on your line of service. Instead of USB, you should be able to use Foxfi and then connect the Pepwave to it via Wi-Fi as a WAN.

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Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. I understand how as a company, you can not support what I am trying to do. In a recent update, AT&T managed to stop the functionality of wifi mode in foxfi for the Galaxy s4 active. It does work with a direct USB connection. I want to use it to feed my iPad which will not work in USB, or in bluetooth without jailbreaking. I was hoping to be able to configure PDAnet between phone and laptop, then insert the SOTG in cellular mode and have it work. If anyone outside the company can suggest ways to work a config, it would be appreciated. Larry

In looking through the above posts, is Fresno able to use his Nexus 4 tether as a WAN through a Peplink router connecting via usb or is he using a wireless WAN connect on a Peplink router? (Samsung GS4, Android 4.2.2, rooted. PdaNet+ and FoxFi)

After months of struggling with a flaky MicroCell and Wifi connections going up and down, I finally gave up on the Siemens SpeedStream 4100 ADSL Modem / LinkySys Firewall Router and purchased a Peplink Balance 20 and a TP-Link aDSL modem. (I would have purchased a Pepwave Surf Soho given Peplink’s general reviews, but I’ve got a house full of apple devices and have existing Apple AirPort WiFi routers already.)

After installing last night, everything worked! YES! :smiley:

After trying a TP-Link SafeStream Gigabit Dual-WAN VPN Router TL-ER6120, which never worked with the MicroCell and then broke in less than a week, I purchased the Peplink Balance 20 after reading reviews. (As far as TP-Link company tech support, I never did reach them–there appears to be zero access via either phone or email and based on later reviews, that appears to be the case for many others.)

So, I’m completely thrilled the flaky problem with my internet connection is resolved and the Microcell automatically connected and stayed connected. :o

Now, I would like to USB tether to the PepLink 20 while I’m home, but it’s clear that my rooted Samsung GS4 does not make the PepLink 20 happy. When plugged in to the USB, it red-lines the CPU load in cycles (50 - 100 - 50%) and never does connect. I tried several Android USB tether apps including the one that works really well for me, PDA-Net+ and FoxFi, but the same issues occurred with every tether app I tried. I understand PepLink likely does not want to support this type of use, so now I want to know if there is a recommended USB WiFi dongle that Peplink knows will work with the USB WAN on the Peplink 20 since I can’t USB tether.

The optimum solution would be for Peplink to create a specific USB tether app for Android / IOS. As a SOHO user, I would happily pay for it! I would expect others would also be happy to pay if they knew they could easily bond to their existing connection.

Help! What is the easiest / most dependable WiFi USB dongle that works with the Peplink Balance 20? (I expect the PDA-Net+FoxFi app will work perfectly as the Wifi hotspot because it has worked with every device I’ve tried.)



We do actually support Android Tethering provided that tethering is apart of your current cellular plan. Otherwise you can certainly use the SOHO to connect to it via Wi-Fi WAN.

The USB port can be used with the following modems:

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After months of struggle, then finally buying a PepLink 20 (and aDSL modem set in bridge mode) I found an novice’s way of using my rooted Samsung Galaxy GS-4 phone as a USB hotspot without having to pay the non-competitive cell carrier more money than the $1,000s I already pay.

I had previously installed an Android app called the Xposed Installer framework so I could use another app called XPrivacy to dramatically improve Android privacy. There was an add-on I was not aware of called Wanam Xposed designed for my GS4. Once I installed Wanam Xposed, I just went to to system and clicked Disable Tether Provisioning.

Then I simply rebooted and everything worked!


Speedtest went from a max of less than 5meg download / .66 meg upload (in the very best of circumstances), to over 16 megs download and over 3meg uploads. We can now stream video consistently, which we could never do previously. (And we now also have a back-up internet source.)

From one HAPPY buyer! :smiley:

**Awesome product! Thanks PepLink!!! **

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Glad you got it working, thanks for the update :up:

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