Connect to a vpn service

Can someone help me configure my new PEPWAVE MAX BR1 to HMA vpn service?

The Hide My Ass VPN service is an application that you can run on a PC or Mac.

We only support an IPSec or PepVPN connection on the BR1 itself.

I am currently connected to hma with a ASUS RT-N66 router using its original firmware (not dd-wrt). For internet connection I use the HUAWEI B593 3g/4g/lte modem router. I would like to either replace both by the pepwave (if feasible) or replace only the HUAWEI. My internet connection with the PEPWAVE MAX is excellent, however the hma connection using the ASUS behind it becomes useless with speed near zero. What am I doing wrong? What parameter needs to be set? Does the PEPWAVE support vpn passthrough? I have a limited knowledge in this area.

Since you mentioned the internet connection with just the MAX is excellent, this is a problem with your other equipment or the HMA service. Quite possibly your ISP knows you are using the HMA service and is throttling you down.

No Tim. The other equipment (asus rt-n66) works fine behind the Chinese HUAWEI B593 3g/4g/lte modem router.

As long as the MAX has an excellent internet connection itself, then everything is good from our side.

I don’t use the asus router or Hide My Ass for that matter, so I won’t be able to help you troubleshoot. Maybe another user who has had luck with this setup can help out?

You mean as long as the $850 pepwave connects to internet as good as the $200 huawei b260, you are happy.

jf, you took my response out of context. I was simply trying to state that we can rule out a hardware issue because the Pepwave works great on its own.

I would take a look at the differences in configuration between thee huawei and the Pepwave. Is the huawei doing a NAT or is it passing a public IP to the asus? If that is the case then you can simply enable IP Pass-through on the BR1.

Now that it’s been three years since this post. I wonder if anyone has figured out how to configure PepVPN to connect with a HMA location? The PepVPN documentation talks about using it to communicate with a home office…all well and good, except that as a full time RVer, I have no home office. It seems that the Hide My Ass (HMA) locations might be used in lieu of a “home office”. And, to provide you some other information, this message is coming to you through HMA as an application that works through the BR1 router. While that solution is not optimal, it works. So, the question is: “how do I connect PepVPN to a HMA location, simulating a home office?”

PepVPN is our proprietary technology that only works between Peplink/Pepwave devices. We do support an outbound L2TP WAN connection via the Ethernet interface, but not the cellular or Wi-Fi as WAN.

Hope this helps.