Connect to a specific IP address via specific wi-fi connection

I am operating a MAX BR-1. I have my starlink, local wi-fi and cellular connected to provide internet access. In my van I have a thermostat device (it is an android device running kiosk) that you have to connect to its personal wi-fi channel, which does not have internet, and then go to a specific ip address to operate the device (turn on, off, set the temperature etc). Is there a way to connect the device’s wi-fi to the peplink and then allow me to get to the address via the internet? This would allow me to access the thermostat when not located by the van and be able to remotely turn on the heat.

I am sure there are technical terms for what I am looking to do but I don’t know them which is making searching the community site hard. Thank you for any help!

you didn’t mention the thero make/model but usually these devices that comes with builtin WiFi AP server will also have a WiFi client that will allow you to connect the device to your “regular” wifi network after initial setup instead of using the builtin WiFi.

If I were you, I would log into the thermo in the way I know ( and then will look under the network section if I can modify it to connect to my main WiFi network instead. after that you will need to access the device from the IP address assigned by the BR-1 (192.168.50.x if on default config)