Connect Pepwave to Netgear for extended wifi access?

Hi have the Pepwave Max BR1 5g. LOVE it. I am currently summering on my property where there are several outbuildings that I’d like to push the Internet signal to. The primary spot being about 150 ft away from the Pepwave. I’m thinking I can hardwire (I have plenty of Ethernet cable) a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wifi Router that I have and position it in the building where I want Internet access from the Pepwave.

I can’t seem to find exactly how to do this and I think the issue is the language used in the video’s and instructions that I find and my unfamiliarity with it. Am I looking to add an Access Point, forward a port, or use a MESH? I’m just not familiar with the steps or maybe this isn’t the best way to push a wifi signal to another building?

Appreciate any insight anyone can provide.


In theory you are adding an access point to your BR1 5G - very easy to do you just plug it in and configure the SSID you want.

The complication in your case is that you’re using a router and not an Access point and those Nighthawks can do some clever stuff with wifi bridging and network extending which makes google searches complex.

What you want is AP mode. Plug the nighthawk WAN into the LAN of your BR1 and then use this guide to configure AP mode on the nighthawk: