Connect peplink to OPManager tool

Actually our customer has Monitoring Tools (OpManager) and we are trying to add the Peplink in the tools, the vender asks for ( MIB’s to create new device template in OpManager),

please advise us

Hi Kashani, You can find the Peplink SNMP MIB here:


Thank you Erik

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Hi again,

From that time we discussed the matter, the customer couldnt solve the problem with your assistance.

Please find the matter as below

Dear ???,
As discussed, the mib provided is not responding to standard RFC-1213. This is required in order to get systemID and sysdescr values, based on which manageengine will prepare the device template.
Also, we have tested the vendor provided MIB but, they are also not working as the device is not responding to it.
Kindly, coordinate with respective vendors for working MIB’s.

Hi Kashani,

I can confirm the MIB file works fine with the free ireasoning MIB browser.
What applications have you tested with?
@TK_Liew do you know if the Peplink MIB follows the RFC-1213 standard?

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The customer tried but didnt workout well.
we opened a ticket 20090011 for the matter but still no action for the matter.

I am sure one of the Peplink team members will reply and give you an update on your ticket soon.
I’ll leave it in their capable hands from here.

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@kashani, your ticket has been handled within the same day you open the ticket. Please help to follow in the ticket if you have any update from the customer.