Connect Max HD2 to Netgear Router

Looking for help to connect a Max HD2 (LTE WAN enabled) to a Netgear Router. I have a Netgear 6050 connected from the Internet port on the Netgear to the LAN port on the Max HD2.On the Netgear, DHCP server is set to off, the Max HD2 is set at the default gateway and the Netgear IP address is set as a static IP in the Max HD2 subnet. Any suggestions on configuring the HD2 or Netgear router would be appreciated.

I could be reading this wrong but it sounds like you have the Netgear and the HD2 setup in a loop? or do you have two Netgear devices in this setup?

Can you enable DHCP on the Netgear? If not, you may need to look at using static IP address on the HD2. You can do this directly on the WAN interface.

For most configuration questions your point of sale should also be able to help. Usually it’s a little easier to collect the needed info over the phone to help with a config :slight_smile:

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