Connect Ant-100-LTE4-G To Balance 20X


i have one ANT-100-LTE4-G Antenna, i tried to connect it to Balance-20X device, but it looks like the antenna connectors not suitable for that device. please find attached photo for Antenna connectors.
please advice if we can use this antenna for Balance20X, as i read this antenna is for MAX HD4 device and i think HD4 having the same connectors for Balance-20X.

That’s the version of the antenna with QMA connectors. QMAs are used on the CAT18 version of the HD4 MBX (MAX-HD4-MBX-GLTE-G-T). You’ll want the SMA version of the antenna to fit the Balance 20X

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Can we use QMA/SMA “ ACW-816” adapter for this antenna to connect it to our device “balance 20x”