Confused about best setup

Trying my darnedest to figure out the right configuration.

Home network (obviously advanced home network) Balance 20 to bond 2 connections together for reliability and speed.

#1) Point to point wireless 7mb down, 3mb up
#2) DSL 15mb down, 1mb up

Right now I have them listed in that order, proper speed entered. When I use “auto” outbound config I often find it using my #1 connection mostly so I get slower download speeds but good upload. About 1/3 of the speed tests get 15mb down and only 1mb up.

Should I use a different configuration to balance the connects and get the most from them? Both seem reliable with the speeds fairly reliably as advertised.

Overflow? Weighted Balance? Just stick with auto? Makes the most sense to perhaps set the faster DSL as primary, Wireless as secondary with overflow to take advantage of 2x download speeds. Wouldn’t upload overflow (aka backing up to Crashplan) then overflow to the 3x faster upload on the wireless?


If you are not using SpeedFusion to route your traffic to another Peplink device then your connections will be load balanced not bonded. Both will make effective use of your links the difference being

load balancing happens on per connection basis and bonding on a per packet basis.

The default Outbound Policy of auto only selects a single link with the lowest latency.
You should change the configuration to custom and choose the Weighted Balance, Least Used, or Overflow algorithm for balancing. These will make the most use out of all your links simultaneously.

In the case of Overflow when speed approaches full load in either the upload or download direction the next interface in list will be used for new connections. Existing connections are maintained on existing link.