Confirming which Sim will work

Pepwave Max Tranisit Duo Cat 12 LTE, will the Visible Sim and the Red Pocket Sim work in this router device ?

The use of a Visible SIM in a Max Transit device is likely a violation of their ToS.
Aside from that, there are reports of such SIMs functioning well in a Max Transit Duo Cat 12 (as do TMO and VZW SIMs).



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Is the Max Transit device considered to be “unlocked”? Many of these third party providers mention being “unlocked”.



As far as I know (and have experienced) all Peplink cellular devices available on the open market are “unlocked” (i.e., not contractually limited to a particular carrier).

Some carriers and third party providers may limit how particular cellular plans may or may not be employed by particular equipment (e.g., a number of phone plans are not supported for use on routers).

But in the context of a plan vendor asking whether your router is “unlocked” you’ll answer “yes” :slight_smile:




Technically Visible doesnt want you using the device on their plans. If you can get it to work today, it might not work tomorrow if they decide to ban it. Its very much a YMMV situation. Also, Visible is deprioritized, so you might see little to no actual usable bandwidth depending on the location/cell tower. Visible plans have been discussed here many times, I recommend reading some past threads. Finally, unlocked has nothing to do with any of it, at least with peplink devices.

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Red Pocket GSMA (AT&T) and GSMT (T-Mobile) both worked great for me. GSMT worked without configuration, and GSMA required that I set the APN to ERESELLER. Red Pocket sims weren’t immediately active; I had to wait up to 15 minutes and then insert the sim.