Configuring the OSPF Cost for Each Interface


As of Firmware 6.3, you can configure the OSPF cost of each interface and PepVPN Connection using advanced mode. To do so, please navigate to Network > OSPF and select an area or create a new one.

From there, click the question mark icon next to Interfaces and than click the link that appears.Then, select the interfaces you want to establish custom costs for and then specify the desired OSPF cost.Click Apply Changes for your changes to take effect.

Balance UI Deep Dive - Network Tab

HI Alan,

Thanks. This looks good.
We need to control the OSPF cost of the the PepVPNs. We have two PepVPNs from every site, and need one advertised into the backbone area with a lower cost than the other.

I see that you offer custom cost on physical interfaces, but not the PepVPN interfaces in the example.



You can define the OSPF cost inside the PepVPN Profile since firmware 6.3.0.


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Define the OSPF costs for PepVPN's that are created via inControl