Configuring Starlink when it shares mgmt IP with Viasat

I have a Peplink Balance 210 with three ISPs: Viasat, Verizon wireless and a long-range MiFi application. I am about to install a Gen 2 Starlink with router bypass. Will run four ISPs for a while then probably drop the MiFi application.

To use the management app I will configure the Peplink 210 with the latest firmware (8.1.1s118) to direct that traffic on

However, Viasat uses the same management IP:

Simple questions: (1) this will create a conflict, right? (2) can this confict be managed? (3) can I change the browser IP for management for either Viasat or Starlink from to something else, say


I can’t say about VIASAT but you can’t change the starlink IP… I’m going to suggest that you can use an outbound policy so that Device A can manage Starlink and Device B can manage viasat. or you can change your Outbound policy as needed… but both at the same time, from the same source will not be possible.

Interesting. Should have thought about that. Let me make sure I know what you are saying…

If I set Outbound Policy for Device A so that is always aligned to Starlink (Enforced) then if I go to it will only go to Starlink’s web admin page, even though Viasat’s modem is sitting there listening for the same IP address?

Yes… outbound policy overrides routing tables.