Configuring new peplink. ?'s regarding the mappings, others

We just got our Peplink 20 installed and both WAN’s are connected with static IP. The failover works great btw! The rest I am still sorting out.

  1. I would like to have all of our workstations connect out using our WAN1 IP as long as that connection is up. Not a big deal but would be nice.
  2. Server1 needs Inbound & Outbound on WAN1
  3. Server2 needs Inbound & Outbound on WAN2
  4. DVR needs Inbound on WAN1 or WAN2 (just needs to be one or the other)

It is not a huge deal if the servers or dvr lost connection during an outage. Server2 probably more important to stay connected but thats still not major.

I can go into NAT Mapping and create two rules and those seem to work ok. But I can only create two Inbound rules that actually seem to work. If i create a third nothing is listed for the inbound mappings.
I would like to have three rules specifying which WAN connections the servers and dvr will use.

  1. I also get strange results regarding speedtest. It is not a big deal that the connections are combined however a speed test on one computer will result in the speed of say WAN1. Another computer and the result is the speed of WAN2. There is a big difference in the two speeds so it is important that I at least get the speed of WAN1 unless of course that one fails.

I used the setup wizard and chose both connections as always-on.

  1. I get different IP addresses reported for the same workstation. Say for example I go to “” it will tell me the IP for one WAN. On that same computer at the same time I can go to another “” and it will tell me the IP for the other WAN.

Is this normal?

Sorry for the newbie questions and the length! Any help would be appreciated!


Ok mostly what was needed was sleep! After looking at the configuration again it was all pretty easy.

The outbound traffic rules pretty much helped me accomplish what I needed. The speedtest are all fine and so are the static ip assignments.

The only issue i have now is getting spiceworks to work remotely, but shouldn’t be too bad since it was up and running on ddwrt before.


Yes ease of use for everyone is one of our design philosophy.

SNMP v1, v2c and v3 are supported on Peplink Balance. MIB is available on the downloadsection of our website.