Configuring an SOHO MK3 behind a Balance One

To take advantage of higher BW my ISP provider is giving me, I need to replace SOHO MK3 router, which is connected to my cable modem, with a Balance One. I then plan to move my MK3 to the other side of the building to act as a repeater/mesh. I will connect the MK3 to one of the network ports on the Balance One. Right now I have two VLANS on my MK3 (one for computers and one for everything else). I also have two Wireless APs, each tied to one of the VLANs above.

The question I have is on the Balance One configuration, do I just configure the Balance One network port I have connected to the SOHO MK3 as a Trunk? Do I need to do anything special on the upstream port of the MK3?


I was able to replace my MK3 with my Balance One in exactly the same mode tonight. I just manually re-entered the data.
The VLAN Configs are

Untagged LAN None
Phones 1
Office 2

For my Wireless APs I have two.
HomeP is for my phones,tv,xbox and other misc devices and is connected to the Phone VLAN(1)
HomeC is for my computers and printers that I want kept separate.VLAN(2)

I have Ports 1-5 on my Balance One set to Office VLAN since they are in one room.
I have not configured Ports 6-8.

I now want to take my old SOHO MK3, and connect it either wirelessly or via a cable(Its available where I want to place the MK3). I want to keep the tagged Wireless APs so I can roam and also get a stronger connection on the other side of the house. I was thinking I could take port 8, on the Balance One, configure it as a Trunk and connect to the MK3, but I then get confused on how to configure the MK3.
Do I disable the DHCP on both the VLANs?
Do I leave the AP settings the same?
What else?

If I do wireless mesh, how would this be different?


Hi NoName,

Initially, between the Balance One and your MK3 it is better to connect it by cable and the configuration of the LAN port of the Balance One could be as an access port, however could you tell us which device you will leave your APs connected to and if you are using your MK3 as a controller?

What I am looking for is to better understand how your network is configured and how you expect it to work.

I currently have an office in my home that I have attempted to break into two VLANs. One VLAN has the computers and other “important” office equipment. The second VLAN is the misc VLAN that has all of the junk on it like phones, game consoles, and other stuff that I want separate from my important computers.

I want the each VLAN to support the hard lines and wireless.

Each VLAN has its own set of IP addresses (Shown above)

My current configuration on the Balance One seems to work okay for this. However, when I work on the other side of the house or in the garage my coverage drops considerable and is sometimes unusable. So I would like to use my SOHO MK3 connected to the Balance One over ethernet to extend this exact network to the other side of the house so I can roam seamlessly.

I want to keep the same VLAN segmentation and the same SSID values on both routers.

I have two wireless networks defined on my Balance One. The HomeC SSID is for computers and its on the Computer VLAN. The wireless HomeP SSID is for the phones and misc devices and its on the Misc VLAN.

Is this enough information?