Configure SSID schedule from InControl


We cannot configure the schedule of a SSID from InControl. We have to log on to the AP directly to configure this option. Our AP’s are situated at remote offices protected by firewalls (inbound) so it would be nice to have all configuration options in InControl that are available in the AP. Now we are not able to fully manage these devices from InControl.



It would be nice if this feature is also available from incontrol.
Could this be added as a feature request?


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We could evaluate this feature further… Show of hands, how many of us want this?

That would be great. I understand that this feature will not be created only for me, but on the other hand, it would make sense to make all configuration options of a specific device available to InControl. Otherwise, we’re not really “In Control” don’t you agree?

Agree, moving forward I picture a stage where you can configure and provision any Peplink/Pepwave device on InControl. This has to be done in phrases of course. But if there is adequate demand for SSID schedule then it will be there too I am sure.