Configure Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro WAN port as LAN

Hello, I know it is possible to configure the WAN port on the Pepwave MAX BR1 as a LAN port.

But is it possible to configure the WAN port on the Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro as a LAN port? I do not see the same option in the Network → Port Settings area

Edit: This photo is from a MAX BR1 (non pro version wiht only 2 LAN ports) which has the feature I want. But I do not see the WAN as LAN option on the same menu of the Pro version.

What about the part where it says “To configure ethernet wan ports to act as the LAN interface click here”?

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Sorry the photo is confusing. The attached photo is an example of the feature I want on the MAX BR1 Pro. The photo is from a MAX BR1 (non pro) which has the feature I desire.

@rkey13 The method is the same for both the BR1 and BR1 pro to switch the WAN to LAN.

Additionally, the thought of swapping this to a LAN didn’t even cross my mind, as its not even mentioned in the literature that way, wonder if it carries the 2.5gb speed on the LAN too.

Click the red box in this picture

Put check mark in green box. Select save, blue box. Then hit apply settings up at the top right.

To revert the port back to a WAN port, uncheck the green box, select save again in the blue box, and hit apply changes up at the top.

Thanks, but unfortunately on the two units I have this setting option does not exist. Originally I had thought that updating the firmware might enable the feature. However when I travelled to the remote site last week, updated the firmware and then tried to find the setting to change the WAN to a LAN port it did not exist. It appears that older hardware versions do not support this feature.

@rkey13, may I know which hardware revision you are having? If not mistaken, the BR1 Pro (older hardware revision) with 4x LAN ports does not include the “WAN as LAN” feature.

Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro
Product Code
Hardware Revision
Serial Number
8.2.0 build 5167

@rkey13, unfortunately, your BR1 Pro is old hardware.