Configure Peplink (HA) behind Fortigate

hello all,
can any one please tell is possible to implement two device Peplink 25002SFP (HA) with Current Topology:

i have two link from ISP utilizes with specific vlan and static public ip subnet mask /30 for each link
, the two link ISP Its connected to two firewall fortigate mode (HA) by switch in the middle
is possible with no change configuration in our topology two implement two Peplink LB (HA)

according the configuration guide if i use ther drop mode and shared ip will disable (HA) on Peplink LB

this topology below we need to implement any one have idea how to do it

Hi M.Nasr,

this looks like a cool szenario :slight_smile:
Have a look to this post Configuring 1+1 Backup by High Availability (HA)

This should help a lot