Configuration with SonicWALL Global VPN Client

When attempting to utilize my work’s VPN client (Dell SonicWALL Global VPN Client) with the Balance 20 (only Mobile Internet, no WAN), I get many failed connections to internal servers (either http or windows network shares). Any connection that does work is painfully slow. Perhaps the failed connections are just timeouts? Not sure, it says net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Chrome.

Pings work perfectly fine and always succeed. All non-VPN connections (even on the same machine) are screaming fast, VOIP is rock solid.

What else can I check and how can I debug this problem?

PS - The problem is nonexistent when connecting my Jetpack directly to my laptop through USB, so I’m fairly confident it’s a router configuration issue.

Hi Travis,

May i know what is the firmware version running for the B20 ? If the B20 is running firmware 6.3.0 and above, can you please try to set the Mobile USB WAN using MTU 1500 and see whether this will help.

Else if the problem still persists, please open a support ticket here for the team to check further.

Thank You

6.3.0s026 build 3119

That seems to have done the trick! Everything is loading properly now, and quite snappy!

Why was the MTU set to 1440 by default?

Hi Travis,

Default MTU for Mobile Internet (USB) should be 1492. I’m not sure why the value have been changed to 1440.

For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Initially, i through you are using the default value 1492 and the VPN still having issue. Thus, i have request you to changed to MTU 1500 and see whether this will help. Please change back the MTU using the default value 1492 and If the VPN traffic working fine, please remain the default value.

Thank You