Configuration Templates in InControl2

For a large group of devices in InControl2, it is requested to use configuration templates. A template includes a configuration to be applied to several units, but to differentiate which setting to apply and which not. Per example, LAN and WAN definitions (IPs mainly) must remain in all units, QoS and content blocking rules to define a specific template that will affect an entire group. Another example; to define a template that shoud affect all units installed, ie: Several Transit units that must adopt Outbound and Firewall rules. This is related to another post (InControl centralized content blocking).


Hi Heriberto,

Look like this is a feature request post. I will move this thread under feature request and let Engineering to further consider the feasibility.

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I think the next implementation of the Bulk Configurator (BC) may help.

The BC now resides on the Group Settings page. Currently it allows you to upload one configuration file and apply it, with some individualized settings (see below), onto all or some devices (specified by tags) of the product that the configuration file was downloaded from. E.g. if you download a configuration file from a BR1 and then upload it to the BC. Then all or some BR1’s in the group will receive the configuration file. We will make it to allow uploading multiple configuration files of different products.

For LAN settings, currently you could manage them in the “Device IP Settings” screen which is under group level’s Settings menu. You can define devices’ LAN Settings by uploading a CSV file. Such settings will override the LAN settings in the master configuration mentioned above. If the devices’ WAN settings are unified to be the same, the Bulk Configurator should help in your situation. I hope it is clear.

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