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I receive many requests from end customers (we supply a Max BR1 as part of our system) to have the modem setup documented. Some want it to make it easier to configure a new modem upon failure; some want it so that they can understand better what we are doing (port forwarding, pptp server, etc…). Is there any plan to have some sort of report for this? Currently, I have to take screenshots as I configure the modem to track all changes from default. This gets pretty cumbersome.


Believe you are looking for user manual. Please download here.

Thanks. I have the manual and understand how to setup/configure the modem. I am looking for something along the lines of after setup, pressing “document device” and you get an excel spreadsheet with all of the configuration data.


As best practices we document in excel sheet the changes we are performing for each device. For our case are about 10-15 settings. Peplink offers too many configuration options, each for a different case and I believe to have a report for all changes will be confusing. Don’t forget that even by no changing a parameter from the default settings does not apply to your configuration. Additionally with backups you can easily restore the configuration to other devices for a one-to-one replacements in case of faulty devices. For new configurations you can have a “base” configuration and restore it and then change only a couple of settings such as IP address.


Charris Lappas

We need ANY method to schedule or manually trigger a backup of the configuration from any device , plus we need to be able to edit the configuration, plus we need the ability to send the configuration to any device we choose.

Hi Dana,

For backup configuration except the GUI method, the good guys at Peplink they have implemented a backup through TFTP. Please see this thread for this: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

The ability to edit the configuration in like a text format I guess will be more difficult since I there are a couple of hundred parameters.

Restoring the configuration to other devices is possible if it is the same type. For restoring the configuration ie from 210 to 310 you can open a ticket with support and they will send you back the adjusted fort the 310.


Charris Lappas

Hi Charris - thanks.

Re:For backup configuration except the GUI method…
I appreciate that, but once you have the config it is not human-readable, and it cannot be loaded easily onto another device of the same type (in case we need to send a replacement unit), and it is not possible to compare the configuration to earlier versions of the configuration (configuration audit and version-control). All are useful to us.

Re: The ability to edit the configuration in like a text format …
Sure, but no different than Juniper, Huawei, Cisco, Alcatel, etc. And we badly need to be able to pre-provision devices rapidly. That is impossible with the current GUI and with IC2.

Re: Restoring the configuration…
I don’t mean to insult at all, nut think I need to point out how unnecessarily time-wasting that is. Just provide a very simply command-interpreter and syntax. I think the argument that is is “old fashioned” (not by you, but I have read that somewhere here) is, with respect, missing the point. CLI interfaces remain widely used because they provide a specific functionality and user interface that the customers of nearly every major vendor demand.

Again, thanks Charris.

Hi Dana

This can be achieve by InControl2. InControl2 will pull the config from the device itself for backups. Please find the attached screen shot.

Since the purpose is pre-provision devices rapidly, you may do this on InControl2. As mentioned above, InControl2 will pull the config from the device itself for backups. You can also clone the config from one device and push it out to all the other devices in the same group. Please find the attached below.

I have showed this above.

Hope this help.