Configuration Options for VOIP over VPN w Potential WAN Latency

Scenario : We have a customer with a Balance One and they have a VPN tunnel (currently IPSec) to our data center to connect to the call manager. They have 2 WAN connections, a cable and a DSL circuit.

Here’s the issue - The cable is generally faster and has a much lower latency than the DSL so I keep it as the priority WAN connection. However, we’ve had issues in the past where the latency on the cable circuit has been so bad that voice starts cutting out. Because the WAN doesn’t go completely down, though, the tunnel does not fail over to DSL and voice continues to be a problem without making a manual change.
It sounds like if we put in a FusionHub, the results won’t be much different. Even if we bond the connections, we’ll just end up with a bond that has more latency - andI don’t see any options to direct VPN traffic out the lowest latency link in Outbond rules or the VPN configuration page.

What’s the best way to implement “unbreakable VOIP” in this scenario?

In regards to WAN link potential/intermittent with high latency issue, definitely traditional IPSEC is able gather the fail-over.

You should work with the “Speedfusion Bonding” and enable with cut-off latency feature to suspend the traffics sending using the high latency connections. For more information regarding to advanced SpeedFusion features please refer to forum thread below:


Ah, found it! Many thanks.