Configuration for use behind modem/router

My current network configuration is a TP-Link Archer C7 WIFI router with the WAN port connected to a Netgear Verizon MBR1515L router (WIFI & DHCP disabled) which serves as a 4G LTE modem giving me access to the internet. All other network devices are connected to the C7 which provides DHCP. Although the MBR1515L has no special mode to configure it as a modem only, it seems to work just fine. It does have options to disable DCHP and NAT/NAPT and enable DMZ.

I would like to upgrade to the SURF SOHO MK3 as it has several features that the C7 lacks. I understand that I could transfer my SIM card from the MBR1515L to a USB modem or WIFI hotspot and connect that way but I prefer using the MBR1515L because being AC powered I can use a timer to power it down at night forcing it to get a different IP address every day. I can’t do that with USB or battery powered modems.

Can you tell me if the SURF SOHO MK3 would work with the MBR1515L in the same way (ie; a router connected to a router)?

If not is there another modem that is ether AC powered or has a built in timer that is compatible with a VERIZON 4G LTE SIM card?


That should work just fine, or you could use a Balance 30 LTE or MAX BR1 (both more expensive, but you’d eliminate running multiple routers).