Configuration file, device name and id


When i download a conf file from a max transit for use as a default config in our environment,
the device name and device id also get saved. The result is conflicts when creating VPN-tunnels, all devices get the same device id. Is this something you can choose not to add to the config file?

Hi @Patrik,

Do you add the “new” devices to InControl and ensure they are online (when viewed via InContorl), then apply the config file? My understanding is that the Device-ID is assigned when they communicate with InControl - so applying the config after this, should not over-ride the ID pushed via InControl.

However, if the device has not communicated with InControl then it won’t have a Device-ID and therefore will use the one assigned by the config file.

@JamesPep - is my understanding correct?

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@Steve: Generally, yes. When cloning devices this way, it’s best to let them go online as ‘themselves’ first. Device name will still be overwritten in this case by the cloned config, but the device site ID will be pulled from the IC2 db.

In case of issue, as of 2.8.4 we’ve added the ability to change an existing devices site ID from the device-level overview page.



I´ll try this approach

This is after a factory reset. I’ll just add the IP to ICA

This is after i have uppload the conf via web admin. The Local ID have changed. If i try to edit the local id from here it just get back to the one from the config after creating a tunnel via ICA.

If i delete the device from the group and then add it again, clean slate, the local ID shows upp again
when i push the pepVPN profile from ICA:/

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t being clear. You can edit the site ID stored in IC2… in IC2.

Go to the device level overview page, and above the left-hand column, click 'edit’

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Unfortunately we dont find this setting under edit in the device tab. We can just change device name, not local id.

I’ve checked the ICA software version, its So i gues we got an old one?

Hi Patrik,

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were on an ICVA. Yes, it’s a recent feature that you’ll need to update to 2.8.4 to access.

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