Configuration auto-rollback request



It would be excellent if there was an option to apply a new configuration for a short test period (for example 5 minutes, or a user configurable duration) that will automatically revert to the previous configuration when the time expires.
After that we could select apply to commit the configuration permanently if we are happy with the new configuration.
That would allow us to safely make changes on remote devices without any risk of losing access.

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I like that idea very much - particularly when working with cellular APN changes on cellular only connected devices

+1 from me


Was just thinking of this this morning!
Just like the 90 test period on UBNT units.
+1 from us to


This is an invaluable function on Cisco devices. Would be great to see on the Peplinks.


Is this being adopted?



In big(one cellular) installations and with templates, bulk-configs and automation, would not like to imagine effect of PIN change and losing contact to near thousand devices distributed in large geographical area.


I’m a little surprised that a configuration auto-rollback hasn’t been built for the Peplinks.
Maybe it is more complicated than I imagine - Is there a reason why its not available?



Pretty sure I heard at the New Orleans summit that Its coming… @Steve.Taylor will be able to confirm I’m sure…



Yes, Auto-roll back is coming. This is part of InControl 2.8 and will apply when configuration changes are pushed from InControl. If the device fails to connect to InControl after 10 minutes, then iit will automatically roll-back to the previous configuration.

I’ve made a quick video > Here < to show some of the new features coming with InControl 2.8




@Steve.Taylor – That’s great Steve, but please remember that not all of us use InControl – for one good reason or another. It would be good if this were a feature that could be selected when it may be needed – without using IC2.


Its is coming, there was brief mention of it in Hong Kong this week but I can’t remember the specifics.
I agree with you comment about it been reliant on IC2.
It would be nice to have some IP addresses that we can manually enter and if the pings fail for more than x time, the device rolls back to previous settings and if it fails to ping for more than x the router reboots. The second option might not be good if your devices regularly go to areas without reception and you want the router to remain active.