Config WAN+2xCellular - Max Duo LTE-A


Pepwave MAX Transit Duo LTEA, FW. 8.1.0 build 4943
FusionHub Solo, FW. 8.1.0 build 4940

I am trying to find out the best combo of WAN-Smoothing, FEC for a robust mobile solution.
Test-Scenario: 2x LTE-A Cellular Connection, in the first Try without WAN-Smoothing on the Router side but FEC set to low (Router and FusionHub). Streaming a 4K Video on a client (Youtube Video).
With only the two cellular connections, all is fine, it looks like this:

The two connection Downloads are combined and the streaming run well.
When i now connect a WAN Ethernet connection, that is limited to 500kBit/s (to simulate a bad connection), the whole setup breaks down and the Total throughput breaks down and streaming of the same video is not possible anymore.

The WAN-Ethernet connection has a low latency, yes, but this is a realworld scenario when your Ethernet connection breaks down for some reason. So, this was without WAN smoothing enabled on the router side. Enabling WAN smoothing on the router side doesn’t change it at all.

If i enable WAN smoothing also on the FusionHub side (even if there is only 1 WAN connection), it looks much better:

WAN is still limited (simulation) to 500kBit/s with a lower latency than the cellular connections, but it does not affect the client anymore and the teststream is running smooth.

So, is this the normal outcome? To avoid problems with lower latency connections but also low bandwith, enable WAN smoothing also on the FusionHub side?

Thank you very much!

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Enabling WAN smoothing on the Fusionhub rather than the device makes sense because you are downloading via the Fusionhub and wan smoothing / FEC is applied on upload traffic.

Do you have DSLCable Optimization enabled? If not turn that on and run the test again.

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Hi, thanks. Yes, this is turned on.