Confifg questions for Balance router and AP One Enterprise

Updated questions, since the 3GStore website had some helpful PDFs to get me started

  • Can you check for AP firmware upgrades from the Balance or do you need to always do this from within the AP?

  • Why wouldn’t you want band steering on? It seems to be disabled by default.

  • What do folks think about auto channel selection? Is it effective or will I be better off selecting fixed channels?

Adding @kevin , since I purchased both items from 3GStore.

You have firmware management right from the Balance, and you can check for updates and assign firmware to managed APs. The choice to have band steering off by default doesn’t make sense to me. Band steering makes the best use of available networks and its always something I recommend people enable. Auto selection usually works the best for most people as it will pick the lest used channel nearby. Manual selection is handy for very dense WiFi environments where you’re really dealing with a lot of interference and need to just pick a specific channel.


Excellent. Thanks much Kevin.

I have her up and running and am pretty shocked at how great the coverage is. I think I made the right choice going with the AP One E. :wink:

And the support I have received from 3GStore, both here and directly from your web site, is top tier. You folks have my strongest recommendation for people in the US who are looking for PepLink gear.