Concurrent sessions on BR1 Mini 5G

We’re looking for the concurrent sessions on the BR1 Mini 5G. If anyone has this information, we’d welcome it, but it’s likely we’ll need this info from the Peplink team from their testing.


To close the loop on this question, we were able to find out that the BR1 Mini 5G will support 7,500 concurrent sessions.


Thanks for the update on this, Topher. Wouldn’t it be great if Peplink published max session limits and MTBF (with ambient temp controls) for all devicesand included this information in the spec sheets? This is important information required when dealing with demanding applications and/or sophisticated users. Wondering why we must request it on ad hoc, case-by-case basis (or conduct unproductive searches of the Forum) for this data.

  • Rick

I couldn’t agree more. I did request the max sessions be published for all devices as part of our finding this out, but support from you and the rest of the community for things like this is the real catalyst for change.