Computer name - Client list

Where does the Peplink Balance One gets the computer name from, in the Status > Client List window?
I ask because I have always entered manually the computer name, but if this is removed, after a few seconds a name will be auutomatically provided by Balance One, for instance DESKTOP-8A5SPH6. This seems to be the default Windows-assigned name, however it is not the computer name at all! Is there some hidden setting in Windows? Or?

Hi ReexNeeX,

it’s like any DHCP-Server or Client-List. You get the Hostname shown in the List.

For Windows you can open a commandline (Windows-Sign, then “cmd” and enter)
the enter “hostname” + enter
The result is your hostname (and I think it’s DESKTOP-8A5SPH6)

it is the computer name



Dennis, the hostname is “PC-Staffroom-01”