Computer Firewall - One more Option for Separation

For SoHo use, I’ve read a lot about setting up the router to prevent external access to the main computer. But I haven’t seen any mention of tweaking the main computer’s firewall rules. Actually, I have to ask if a computer firewall is even recommended if you have a properly configured router?

In any case my computer’s firewall easily allows me to block all traffic from a certain IP address range into either a local network or to the MAC address of my NIC. Seems simple enough, but perhaps I should be concentrating on router firewalls. Just a thought.


It depends if you trust the devices on your LAN or not. I typically trust everything on my LAN and count on the firewall at the router to protect the network. i have guest traffic isolated to its own VLan and have layer2 isolation enabled for that SSID.

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