Completing setup of MAX BR1 PRO with AP One AX Lite to use single SSID

The MAX BR1 PRO is set up and working well. It routes on only a single WAN, a cellular connection. Connecting to it’s broadcast SSID works successfully.

Now in the process of adding the AP One AX Lite to extend the range of the network. The AP is wired to an unmanaged switch, which is wired to the Max.

Upon initialization, the AP One AX Lite has its own network, which I can connect to and successfully route to/from Internet.

In the configuration for Mesh in both the Max and the Lite, I inserted the same name as the SSID that the Max has configured, set both flags for 5 Ghz radio, and inserted the shared key. Both configurations match. I have not tried using an SSID that is new and discrete between the two devices.

Should this configuration work to extend the network using a single SSID?

Ideally, the network configuration is determined by the Max (i.e. DHCP and DHCP reservations) for all devices connected to the network ?

Also, it appears that the mesh needs to select and use only a single radio - do I understand that constraint correctly? Many thanks!

@David_Bovee, I suppose your MAX BR1 Pro is the 5G (or LTE CAT20) model? If that is the case, you can utilize the AP Controller function in the MAX BR1 Pro to manage the AP One AX Lite (wire connected to the MAX BR1 Pro) to simplify your Wi-Fi provisioning tasks(screen capture below). The AP One AX Lite serves as the extended “Wi-Fi antenna” of the MAX BR1 Pro with the network & radio settings managed by the MAX BR1 Pro.

Alternatively, if the AP One AX Lite needs to be wirelessly connected to the MAX BR1 Pro, you may refer to this “Howto” article that provide the guide on setting up the Mesh between a MAX router and AP.

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