Compatibility with HSS

Hello everyone

I have a very quick question regarding Pepwave AP One . Will it work with HotSpot System ?

Couldn’t find anything about it on Peplink’s website and this forum .

On HSS website Pepwave is not listed as supported device , but is not listed as a incompatible one as well. Therefore I asked official HSS support about . According to their answer it is possible by installing DD-WRT firmware on Pepwave router . I know DD-WRT and used it before , but never with Peplink devices and they quite differ from other vendors . I’m afraid that after DD-WRT upgrade AP One might not function properly , especially its management functions (SSIDs mgmt etc.) .
Could you please verify ?

Would really appreciate your help

Thank you

We are not compatible with DD-WRT firmware and our devices will not even recognize it as a valid firmware.

As I thought so.

Well, thank you. I appreciate your quick answer

Can close it up