Combining multiple DSL circuits from same ISP for max upload?

I purchased a peplink30 to get maximum upload speeds from multiple slower connections.

The connections in this case come from 3 separate dsl circuits from same ISP.

How do I combine them to get greater upload speed?

The purpose is to feed a live tv broadcast to our Content Delivery Network.

To “bond” multiple WAN links as one aggregate pipe will require a Balance 210 model or higher on each side of a SpeedFusion VPN. For additional information on this, click here.

Ron, I just bought a Peplink 30 for exactly the same purpose because it was advertised to do this where I bought it. In fact, when I did the research your site advertises it. Here is a direct quote from your main page relating to the Peplink Balance and it does not specify which one you have to use, “With Peplink Balance, all your cable, DSL, cellular, and other links will work together to handles even the most demanding traffic, without lags or downtime. When you need more speed, add more connections.” Now I am learning that it will not. Is there any workaround or do I just need to return the Peplink 30 for a refund? My purpose is to gain greater bandwidth out here in the country. I have DSL and Hughes both but Hughes is only about 5Mbps and the DSL is about 1.3Mbps. Also, your “here” link is nonfunctional.


I think you probably read the same stuff I did about this router. Even on the Peplink main Balance page it says that you can do this with the Balance and never says that only certain ones will do it. I think their advertising is very misleading. They should specify that the 20 and 30 will not load balance. The unit that Mr. Case suggests costs $1000 more than the one we bought originally. I feel like a victim of a bait and switch scam. I wonder if the unit can really do what it is advertised to do or if I’ll have to try to get my $400 back? I hope I can because if it will not then it is worthless. If I need rollover then I can just take one cable out and plug the other cable in.
Good luck to you and if you find another solution I’d love to hear about it. I really need more bandwidth out here in the sticks.

This is no bait and switch from us, I feel you didn’t do the proper research before purchasing. Anyways, please contact your point of purchase to arrange a refund, this should be no problem.

I’d like to clarify a few things for everyone. Peplink’s ability to combine multiple wan connections and use them as one big pipe is a legitimate feature. It’s important to understand HOW exactly this works which I do think Peplink is consciously murky on. This feature only combines multiple wans into one big pipe when transferring from one Peplink to another Peplink. For example, lets say you have location A and location B and you share big files between the two locations. You also have 3 dsl lines at each location. Having a Peplink at each location will allow you to combine all 3 DSL lines at each location and transfer your big file making use of all 3 connections resulting in much faster speeds.

What this does NOT do is take 3 DSL lines and combine them into one straight from your ISP to your Peplink. To do something like that would require the ISP to combine the connections on their end. No piece of hardware can do this without configuration on the ISP end.

I also want to clarify that we could use 3 DSL at location A and just 1 WAN at location B for bonding. This is a typical setup for a lot of customers who want to aggregate bandwidth at remote locations to a central site. You do not need multiple Internet links at every location.

For example:
Location A (3x 5M DSL) - Location B (1x 100M Fiber)

It will do bonding.

Now I am learning that it will not. Is there any workaround or do I just need to return the Peplink 30 for a refund? My purpose is to gain greater bandwidth out here in the country.

The Balance router is still your best choice for combining multiple ISP connections into one easy to use and manage solution.