Combined bandwidth... Aggregate or load balanced?


I have 2 25 Mb ADSL2+ feeds into 1 Balance 20. From that I am getting screaming fast aggregate speeds of 50 Mbps on a consistent basis from 3 different speed test locations. I have 2 identical 25 Mbps ADSL2+ lines into a second Balance 20 but I only get max rate of 25 Mbps.

One Balance seems to be aggregating the lines while the other is load balancing, I guess. But I didn’t set anything up. I used default out of the box.

Can someone explain this and tell me where I may find “load balance” vs “aggregation” settings on the Balance 20 menu?


You need to make sure your outbound policy is set to “Managed by Custom Rules”.




Hi Tim… Thanks… so for my future knowledge using the 20s, just setting to “manage by custom rules” will then perform aggregation or bonding as opposed to load balancing?


Oh by the way, the faster Balance 20 did have “manage by custom rules” enabled as I entered a rule for a specific customer recently.


Yes, the custom rules option allows for outbound requests to go out across all WAN’s. Aggregation will occur if the server you are connecting to allows multiple sessions, as is the case with and others as well.