Combination of L2 & L3 PepVPN tunnel on the same device


we are trying to create an L2 and L3 (NAT mode) PepVPN tunnel between HD4 and Balance. I know that you can create multiple subtunnels in Peplink over one profile, but then you can’t combine L2 and L3 with NAT mode enabled. So I thought of a second option, to create two separate profiles (one for L2 and second one for L3 NAT) but without success because I can’t create two profiles with the same Remote ID (remote Balance unit).

I really don’t know how to handle this anymore. Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you.

Yeah. NAT mode doesn’t play nice with L2 bridging. Why do you need NAT mode? Any way to engineer that requirement away?

Because we have multiple HD4 units where we want to use of the same local subnet behind NAT.

Do you really need to use NAT though? You could use Virtual Network Mapping instead?
Then you could have L3 and L2 at the same time without route conflicts.

Thank you for the advice. But what if I need each HD4 to have an IP address assigned from the subnet behind Balance and then use port forwarding to a computers behind HD4 internal network

You don’t need to port forward to the remote LANs because even though they all have the same subnet you have assigned a virtual network mapping for each one to a unique subnet.

So a device accessible on locally on the HD4 will be accessible using over VPN if the subnet has been assigned as the virtual network.
Here is the UI:

I made a video explaining it here:

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