Color Code Firewall Rules

If there is a long firewall list, it can get hard to see the deny vs allows. Take the following screenshot:

Add some CSS and make the Deny’s red, and the Allows green like this:


Thank you for the suggestion and I would agree with you, we will take this into consideration. Would like to hear feedback from other users as well.

As a separate request, it would be nice to be able to auto choose things like the LAN segment.


LAN IP 10.x.x.1 /24

So in the firewall rule creation, you could choose as a source (or destination), the subnet of your LAN interface to pre populate the firewall rule without having to type everything out everytime.

I agree, anything in regards to good visuals is just better.

I like both suggestions in this thread: the color coding and ability to auto select/pre-populate parameters already known to the device. You guys level this kind of “existing” knowledge in the InControl2 VPN Hub and Spoke wizard (no need for the user to manually populate subnets the devices already know about); some similar intelligence locally to a device would be great.

Hi all,

We will put this in our road map. Stay tuned.