Clients Per Day 'Download as CSV' link broken

I have a client that tried to use the ‘download as CSV’ link on the Device Reports page and gets an error message of 'Failed - Needs Authorization. On further testing I get the same message on both the Account Dashboard ->Reports ->Device Reports ->Clients Per Day → Download as CSV and on the Device Details ->Reports ->Device Reports ->Clients Per Day → Download as CSV when clicking on the Download link. If you right click on the Download link and choose ‘Open in a New Tab’ it will download the report.Seen on the server.

We tested to open the link in a new tab on both Chrome and Edge browsers. The file could also be downloaded without problem. We suspect it is related to the browser. We just applied a change. Please try again and see if it works now. If not, please let us know which browser you are using. If possible, capture and send us a video clip. Thanks.

All links appear to be working correctly now. Thank you.

Ish Silva
SPC Technical Support
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