Clients not responding

For the past week we have been experiencing this issue. The BR1 MAX minis are online and responsive with an established PEPPN tunnel with SIP phones connected as clients. From my PC I can ping and login to the BR1’s but I cannot ping the clients. From the BR1 built-in system tools I can ping the clients on the LAN side.

In short I can ping the radio and the radio can ping the client but I cannot ping the client.

I have 500+ SIP phones of the same make and model with one of two firmware’s on the phones and having this issue on nearly a 100 of the devices, all of which had been working at one point some for up to a year before this started. All BR1’s are on 8.1.3 firmware.

Resetting the BR1’s, resetting the SIP phones and rebuilding the VPN has not cleared this issue.

Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

Check the gateway of the phones.
If the phones have diagnostic tools try to ping out from your phone to pc.
If the pepvpn is not advertising the route under ospf/ripv2 you may need an obp on your br1.
Do you have a network diagram with ip’s to share.

All of the SIP clients are directly connected to the BR1’s. I have tried setting static address in the SIP phones as well as using the DHCP built in the BR1. The phone does have some diagnostics and debug tools and can reach the BR1 but nothing past it. Almost like the VPN is not allowing it to pass through.

These are deployed for remote emergency phones (Blue phones) so a one-to-one connection. Each BR1 has a /30 subnet starting from So first BR1 is with a client at; next BR1 is with a client of and so on. Then just a tunnel back to a FusionHub hosted on AWS.

The routes are appearing in the ospf/rip2 table.

My guess is it has something to do with the fusion hub and AWS gateway.
I would open a support ticket with peplink and see if they can assist.
If they find a resolution please report back here.