Clients Connected to Pepwave Max Transit Duo Do Not Know Current Location

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The clients that connect to my Pepwave MAX Transit Duo are not getting location data from the Pepwave. I’m working full time on the road, and none of my devices (MacBook, Amazon Echo, Victron server, etc) know where they are even though my Pepwave dashboard always knows my current location. Websites and apps have no idea where I am, and say that current location cannot be determined. Time zone never updates.

What do I need to do to get the Pepwave to share its location with these devices?


They wouldn’t that’ s not how that works.

The main way websites work out where you are is by doing a geoip lookup against the public IP you are using to access them.

Although you are moving, your IP address from your ISP is likely staying the same - or rather if it is changing its still belongs to the mobile networks range so websites can’t convert that into an actual location.

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Oh that’s very interesting! So I wonder why my computer and other devices have no idea where they are. Doesn’t matter which of my sims I’m using (Att, Vzw). And it’s not just websites, it’s happening at the OS level too.

I have two internet connections here, one BT and another is Starlink.
If I go to I see my BT connection:

Which is giving generic information about my ISP (British Telecom, based in London)

In fact they have a great article about geolocation accuracy here:

Now I don’t live in London I live in Exeter >150miles away. If I go here and copy and paste my IP address in I see:

So better, but my postcode doesn’t start with EX1 so not perfect still.

My devices when asked for location will do a geoip lookup and return the results.
When on a cellular connection, your mobile network routes your traffic out via one of their gateways and so your public IP that services look up your location from becomes the public IP of the ISP router.

You can be in one country on a roaming SIM and all your traffic might break out in another country entirely. When that happens, your devices will tell you they are in the other country.

Hope that helps.

Update: for the sake of completeness here is a geoip lookup on my starlink WAN IP which shows it located in london.

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It appears that your Pepwave MAX Transit Duo is not sharing its location data with connected devices, causing them to have issues determining their current location and updating the time zone. To resolve this, you may need to check the location-sharing settings in the Pepwave dashboard and ensure that it is broadcasting location information to your devices correctly.