Client VPN on FusionHub

Is there a plan / way to have a client VPN on FusionHub? Since it’s running a Linux derivative, offering OpenVPN even as a standalone package (command line only) would be fantastic.

I’m struggling spending the cash for FusionHub when I also have to install and maintain a client VPN solution beside it.

I’m aware of the client VPN available on the Balance products - I don’t use that either because neither of the security methods meet our security requirements.

Any suggestions appreciated.


With the most current FusionHub instance, it does now support IPsec VPN. No, it does not support PPTP/L2TP as typically it is a VPN terminator and I don’t believe this is on our road map. Moving to “Feature Request” for better exposure.

Fusionhub, Peplink’s virtual SpeedFusion VPN concentrator, provides versatility for managed service providers. Not only does it give MSPs probably the easiest VPN configuration in the world for their customer devices, but it adds multi-WAN bandwidth aggregation and packet level failover for their customers too – an awesome value add.