Client-side application that allows you to quickly toggle between enforced or prioritized connections from a particular device?

Scenario: During the day, the nanny uses the tablet to web browse, catch up on email while doing child care. I don’t want that to impact my work bandwidth. After work, my wife wants to use the same tablet to Skype, and we need to use a different connection for that. Given she has a user account on the Balance, couldn’t we come up with a quick-and-dirty way to swap connections? Maybe even eventually have IFTTT (If this then that)…

Imagine if we had time-of-day support for outbound rules, would this problem be solved?

For example, an outbound rule that prioritizes/enforces the tablet to use a specific WAN during (specified) day time period. During the evening, you can have another rule that kicks in with different settings, etc…

Yes, that would absolutely be an awesome start. I can only think that a large share of your users would appreciate this feature.

It would also approach my only other feature request, where with my satellite connection I have “unmetered” access between 12am and 5am, but 25GB/month overall. That’s my primary connection as its the fastest, so accurate reporting would be great if I could “black out” the 12am-5am period for bandwidth accounting. This is for Exede internet, which is rapidly gaining popularity, but would be hugely useful for 4G customers as well when this type of “free period” is implemented, which is imminent (Verizon, Clear, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, etc.) It’s the equivalent of the “Free Nights and Weekends” voice offering, so it’s happening.

I would love to have this feature as well. It would be helpful to restrict general web traffic to our slower connection while daily offsite backups are running.