Client Session Limit Feature


Hello Peplink Community,

We have a few Peplink Balance products that are balancing multiple satellite internet connections. The satellite ISP modems perform some sort of TCP acceleration. What we are finding is that too many session requests swamp the modem, and the whole connection becomes drained from a few clients, despite having available bandwidth. Do you think a feature whereby controlling the number of sessions per client is possible to implement? Would it help in this situation?



Hi James,

I suggest to check on the users or the application behavior. Limit the session is not a good idea if they are legitimate.

If this is necessary, you may look for any IPS in the market which having Anomaly Detection capability.


Does the Balance 380 support blocking of bittorrent traffic, or any other advanced layer 7 traffic shaping?


Hi James,

P2P File Transfer Blocking is supported on Balance 580 and above. Please take note this is beta feature. You may find here to enable this feature.

We do support Qos which including Bandwidth Control and Application Prioritization. You may find this feature on your B380 - Network > Qos.