Client list "routed" or "ethernet"?


What is the difference between ethernet and routed in the client list? Thanks.


Routed clients are clients which are routed from another network to a router. Their MAC addresses are not known. Ethernet clients are clients that directly attached to the network via Ethernet. Routed and Ethernet clients are usually on different subnets.


Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway to block routed clients? Or will that have to be taken care of by the access points?


Routed clients may not be bad. It depends on your network infrastructure. E.g. If you defined a static route to an external router on your Balance, devices behind the external router will appear as “routed” clients on your Balance. If you don’t have any static route or VPN, you should normally not see “routed” clients.


Yes - assuming the routed clients are those connected wirelessly to the APs. Change your APs from bridge mode to NAT mode. Then you won’t see the routed clients on your Peplink device - just the WAN IP of the AP, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Being able to see the routed clients on your Peplink means that you can build firewall rules and outbound policies to manage their traffic. If you change the APs to NAT mode you’ll only see traffic from the WAN IP of the AP - no matter how many WiFi clients are connected to the AP.


But in NAT mode, that means the AP handles the DHCP correct? I’d rather let the peplink router handle that. For the moment the APs are actually cheap routers, so not much options with them. Also in NAT mode that still wont stop them from connecting a wireless bridge to the AP/router, or could that be done in a more expensive AP like the peplink?



OK. So don’t make any changes.

Stop who? If they have access to the physical ports on the router (or any attached wired device) then anybody can add a wireless router in bridge mode.

Reading between the lines here you want to block people adding unauthorised devices to the LAN of the Peplink - that right? If so, its not an easy thing to do.


Yes people using phones as hotspots, or their own wireless hotspot devices. Yes, they are connecting wireless to a router/AP in the building, for example, and that goes into the Peplink LAN.