Client List not showing all clients


I have set the Pepwave DHCP server IP Range to - ( (/24). My intention is to reserve the lower block 1-19 for static IP devices.

I added a static IP to the menu “Network > DHCP Reservation” using the device MAC and The device works fine and is connected to the network.

When I goto menu “Status > Client List” is only shows devices from and higher. It does not show the client or any others less than “.20”.

I would like the client list to show ALL devices connected to the DHCP server. I welcome suggestions.

This list is dynamic - only ever showing devices if they have recently sent traffic from lan to wan (or vlan to vlan) - independent of whether they are using DHCP or not.

Then the DHCP server will only allocate IPs from that range to devices that request IPs via DHCP.

Nope. You added a DHCP reservation - it is different. A static IP is set manually (statically) on a device that is not using DHCP - so the DHCP server is not involved at all.

A DHCP IP Reservation is set on the router, the client requests an IP address as normal (using DHCP) but is allocated an IP that never changes (as it is reserved for it).

So true. Its very easy to forget about a NAS device on the LAN as it hardly ever traffics on the WAN, so, it hardly ever shows up in the client list.

Off-line devices show up in the client list until the lease on their IP address expires. If you want devices using DHCP to show up in the client list longer, you can use a longer lease time for the IP addresses. My guess is that this would also apply to devices that use DHCP Reservation.

Thank you for both of your comments, all good points. I’ll experiment more and likely use DHCP reservation instead of static ip set on device.