Client List Names Blank

I have a Peplink Balance ONE installed in a Windows 2008 Server environment. The Windows Server handles DHCP leases. My question is, why are the names on the Peplink Client List blank. Why does my Peplink not show the broadcasted names? I have other systems like Ubiquiti Unifi AP’s which seem to do this with ease.


As for now, client list names is learn from clients DHCP request. Seem DHCP server is disabled for the Balance One, thus client list names will shown blank. Please file your feature request here for Engineering team to further consider the request.

Thank You

Hello @sitloongs , are there news on this?

All client names which are not getting DHCP address from the Balance One are blank in the clients list

We allow user to define the Name Manually now :grinning: :grinning:

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Yes, this can be also done on the grid, however it takes ages! And if a host changes name, an edit is required to update the name.

Why not create a button over the grid to query hostnames? When this is pressed, Balance One would query hosts with blank names and grab the name (requires Nslookup over the DNS which is serving requests in the given network where the blank host is connected)

Is there a way to set these values through a script/API?