Client bandwith usage is not working!

We are deployed peplink balance 380 with 5.4.9 build 2573, im not able to check users banwith reports daily on daily base and hourly. it is not showing to me. it will be highly appreicated to let me know on the issues that we are facin.

Hi. I’ll be pleased to be corrected on this but do not believe the capability you request is presently available. However, if you are using the B380 as an AP controller, you CAN see the info in which you are interested at AP → Controller Status → Wireless Client.

Comment: The FW you are using is really quite ancient. You may wish to update to the most recent available for your HW version. That can be done here … . The improvements to the FW between 5.4.9 and 8.0.0 are significant and have been well received.

we are currunetly using fiirwmare 5.4.9 and it is not as AP controller deployed it is just acting as simple loadbalancer. the problem is in here that im not able to see users traffic indivially in the status–>Bandwith------>daily----> i want to see the users report like this which im not able to see the usage or bandwiith report of connected clients

Upgrade your firmware - loads of bug fixes in each revision.
What Hardware Version is this B380? You should be able to go to 6.3.4 I would think.

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Thank you martin. there is no automatic update option available in peplink i sould manually download the mentioned Firmware then upload it in Peplink 380 if any one know the trusted source of mentioned firmwares.

The link provided by @Rick-DC earlier is authoritative : Peplink firmware downloads


currently runing firmware 5.4.9 build-2573 is it possible directly upgrade it to 8.0.0-build2636

Very unlikely. Check your status page to see the hardware revision number. I suspect you have a HW1 device which does not support FW8 (only 6.3.4).

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martin that is hardware revision number 5. can i go direclty to this firmwaree 8

Sadly not. FW 8 is only from HW Revision 6. You can only go to 6.3.4
Here are the relese notes:

Here is the firmware download:

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