CLI log access


Can you point me to some documentation that will tell me how to access the CLI for my Balance 20 and read the logs realtime?
I’m using firmware 5.4.9 build 1732
Thanks much!

The CLI can be accessed via SSH. You can enable this feature under: System> Admin Security. The user name and password are the same as for web admin access.

Tom, once you have enabled the CLI SSH option you will be able to issue this command once you have made the SSH connection to your Balance:

> get eventlog 10
Event Log

Time            Message
Jan 4 23:42:52, WAN: TWC disconnected (No cable detected)
Jan 4 23:43:06, WAN: TWC connected (
Jan 9 00:21:50, WAN: TWC disconnected (WAN failed PING test)
Jan 9 00:22:00, WAN: TWC connected (
Jan 31 18:05:32, Bandwidth usage for TWC hits 75% of the 153600MB allowance.
May 01 23:18:21, WAN: Priority changed (Priority 1 - TWC / Disabled - ATT DSL)
May 01 23:18:57, WAN: TWC connected (
May 01 23:19:05, DDNS: Domain updated successfully for TWC
May 07 00:41:51, WAN: TWC disconnected (WAN failed PING test)
May 07 09:46:34, WAN: TWC connected (

If you leave off the integer value at the end of the eventlog command then all log entries are shown. Since the entries are shown in ascending chronological order here I’m not sure why they support limiting the output — if it were in reverse order then I’d love it!

There does not seem to be any way to clear the log from the CLI.