Clean install of an AP ONE mini on the wall or ceiling? Tips and/or pics?


Looking at some AP options, and noticed the AP One Mini ethernet port is not recessed. This means getting a concealed and clean installation on a wall or ceiling will be a little challenging.

Curious to get others who may have done this already to chime in…I’m looking at either wall mounting (in-wall cable install), or ceiling mounting. Both cases means punching a small hole through drywall to pass the cable through and connect it to the AP One mini. Hole needs to made beside the unit, far enough away to allow for proper bend in cable to connect to port.

The AP E and AP AX both have recessed cavities on the back to allow for clean flush mount with no wiring visible.

I suspect the more popular mount option for the AP one mini is desktop mount, and i may consider that as well, using the included power adapter, but placement may not be ideal.

Thanks for sharing your tips and/or pics of your installations. :wink:

Flat white Ethernet cable and POE. They are so small I have them hidden mostly. This one is on a wall inside a window servicing an outdoor area.


There is an optional accessory to help (ACW-384) that conceals the ethernet cable / port.


Should have searched the forum first. :sunglasses:

My Peplink vendor doesn’t carry this accessory it seems on their website. Didn’t know it existed.

This thread shows it off nicely.

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